Learn How To Play Poker In 7 Easy Steps


Step 1. Ranking of poker hands

Even though poker is a lot about the mental, it’s usually the one who sits with the best (highest ranked) hand that wins – unless one fails a bluff, of course. It’s important to aim to get the best hand in poker, especially this beginner.

Step 2. Importance of the different table positions

The table position, ie where you sit in a single hand, is extremely important in poker, and if you do not play shock poker (stud poker) the most around the button. The early positions, like the small and big blind, are located to the left of the button and are the ones who are first in turn after the flop. The places to the right of the button are called late positions (if they last in turn after the flop) and the places in between are called middle positions.

Step 3. Before the flop

Before the flop begins, the player who sits to the left of the big blind (often only BB) begins and then continues clockwise, with the big blind as the last man. Before the flop, the players have three possibilities: to lay down, call or raise. When all players have made their selections and all bets have been put into the pot, the betting round ends.

Step 4. After the flop

The flop consists of the first three of the five common cards. After the flop, players have the choice to fold, fit (not bet), bet, eye or raise – based on their position at the table and on what he or she did before.

Step 5. After the turn

The fourth joint card is awarded immediately after the betting round after the flop has been completed. Players have the same options at their disposal after the flop as before: fold, match (do not bet), bet, aim or raise – based on his position at the table and what he or she did before.

Step 6. After the river

When you finally reach the river – the fifth and final joint card – you should have a hand that is possible to win given. If you do not have one you can try to bluff, which may be a try for everyone who sees fit. In addition, there are no more cards that can help the opponents …

Step 7. The view

In order to be displayed, there must be at least two players left in the given. To win the hand, you have to show their cards, and it is the one who has the best five card hand to take home the pot. In Omaha Hi / Lo there are also two kettles to take home.

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