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Online Poker game is an information and news site where we try to offer everything you may need to play poker online as well as offline. Most proud we are about our articles and reviews but there is also a lot of other fun on the side; odds calculator, news, game guides and much more.

We ask you to keep in mind that we who stand behind this site themselves are poker players. We may not have the best design or the best authoring skills. But one thing is certain; When it comes to online poker we know what we’re talking about!¬†We are pleased to find you here and you are most welcome to see you here on the page and to browse our articles, offers and news!

The origin of the poker

Poker’s arrival Today, most people know that online poker came somewhere in the 1990s to hit the turn of the century. But how did the game really arise? That question is probably fewer who know the answer and the truth is actually that there is no one who knows for sure where the game comes from.

There are a number of theories about the origins, from the fact that it is of German descent to its development in early Hindu tradition. During the 1830s there was a card game in the United States called “cheating game”, this was played by 2-4 people with a card game consisting of 20 cards (jack to ace). In 1834, a man named Jonathan A Green wrote down one of the earliest explanations of the game “cheating game”. When he realized he was one of the first to write about the game, he chose to call it poker instead.There are also several theories about the origin of the word. Many claim that it comes from the French game Poque. Others claim that it comes from the German game Pochspiel, while others believe it originally comes from the magic’s hocus pocus.

We will give you interesting stories

Poker history is full of exciting and interesting stories and events. Have you played for a while, you’ve probably heard a lot of them, are you a beginner, you have very fascinating stories to look forward to.

Here, among other things, you can read about how WSOP, the World Cup, became a record poker thanks to online poker. We also tell you about famous poker professionals such as Scotty Nguyen and legend Doyle Brunson who have both won the WSOP main event. Brunson has written several well-known books, including a whole book filled with anecdotes from the game tables: “My 50 Most Memorable Hands”. We highly recommend it to you who like poker stories. For tips on more books, check out our book reviews department. There you will find both books about game strategies and biographies that take you behind the scenes in the poker world.

Good bonus

As a player, not only does the game company want to be safe and reliable, but also want them to offer a good welcome bonus when joining a new member. Of course, the gaming companies are aware of this and among the companies in our top list you will find many great welcome offers.¬†However, there are some things to consider when it comes to bonuses. It’s not always the biggest bonus that gives the most value. Since bonuses come under different terms, it is important to read the agreement and choose an offer with terms that fit your gambling. More about this is available in our article about poker bonus

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