How To Start Playing Poker

Thanks to the Internet, the game of poker has become available to anyone who has a computer and access to the network. The game of poker is simple with initial development, and any good person with average abilities can achieve good results with time if he plays calmly and disciplined. We on steps have painted a simple way for the beginning of successful poker career on page Poker to beginners . Although there are quite a few varieties of poker, but we recommend starting with the most popular and widespread – Texas Hold’em .

There are two main types of poker game – cash game, that is, an ordinary money game , and a tournament game . The strategy of the game is very different, so it’s better to learn something first (we recommend a cache game). Over time, you will choose what you like best and fit in the character warehouse. The tournament game is more dynamic, during the tournament the situation is constantly changing, more adrenaline – it is more suitable for active, aggressive people. The cache game is more calm and uniform, allows you to better manage your time, and is more suitable for quiet people who love constancy.

Some play poker just for fun, and consider poker a gamble . Start with free online gameson toy money, where, because of the lack of responsibility for their bets, the style of players turns a smart game into some kind of parody, and then transfer this style to a cash game, recklessly losing money. Well, for them these losses are a payment for pleasure, people also play roulette or automatic machines, where it is known that losses will be more than winnings. But we recommend you this poker where you will win. At the same time we have to keep ourselves in hand, to adhere to the winning strategy in a disciplined manner. Perhaps for someone this will reduce the pleasure of the process of playing poker, but much more fun can be obtained from your winnings – not random, but deserved by a good game at a long distance.

You must be concentrated on playing poker. No, we are not talking about meditation or some hidden reserves of the human body. Simply, you should not be distracted from the game. It is especially difficult to concentrate on playing poker for family and having children. The most successful time for the game will often be the night time, when no one from the family can distract you from the process. Sometimes, one innocent question of your households, set in bad time, just when you decide the fate of your stack against an opponent, can significantly affect the whole course of the game. Imagine you are playing in a poker tournament with a Guaranteed Prize Fund of $ 1 000 000. You are in the pre-final stage, here’s the pay zone, you are offered to play for your entire stack and you have 15-20 seconds to make a decision that may be cool will change your destiny. And then you see, that your child can now fall out of the crib. What will you do? You will make an ill-considered decision, and no matter what it will be, it will be thoughtless. Or the child runs up yanking you by the hand that you hold the mouse, and you unconsciously make a click. Do you want those rare chances to change your life with the help of poker games depended on such events? So sit downPlay poker only when you are sure that no one and nothing will prevent you from concentrating on the game itself. In general, the game of poker implies the possibility for some time to abandon the world around you.

Poker does not tolerate the fervor and haste of solutions. One of the most common mistakes in playing poker is decisions made under the influence of emotions. Remember, in order to not just play poker, but to win, you must make decisions guided solely by the head (and intuition that comes only with experience). How many good and capable players, pitifully ended their careers because of what seemed like a trifle, as decisions made under the influence of emotions. The game of poker under the influence of emotions has even its name – tilt . For example, your monster hand, with which you zaollinilis on the turn, the player won by getting his 2 or 4 outson the river. An inexperienced poker player immediately tries to recoup. It seems to him that the incident is very unfair, and therefore he begins to play not optimally, trying to catch the player who defeated him. So you can not play poker . You will be losing stacks behind the stack, and you will more and more often come into play with a bad hand, and you will be drawn into a game where you have to take more and more complex decisions. Even professionals try to protect themselves from heavy and border decisions. What happens to the player who is just starting to play poker? He will begin to make a great many mistakes in these situations, in which he set himself. Therefore, the composure and balance of decisions is another basis for success, for someone who has decided to learn how to play poker.

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