Playing Online Poker Game

You need a careful attitude to your capital. Anyone for whom playing poker is not just entertainment, but a way to earn money, knows what bankroll management is. Bankroll is all your money that you have in your account at the poker room. Accordingly, bankroll management is the proper allocation of its funds to the game. You can not take and put your entire bankroll at the end in one change. In order to successfully play poker, you must have a minimum of 30 buyins of the limit on which you play. Therefore, when playing poker, count your opportunities, start with microlights, where a very small amount on the account is enough. Everyone knows the story of one of the most popular high roller poker games – Isildur1. This, certainly talented, can even be a brilliant player, broke into the world of online poker and played at the highest limits with the strongest players. One day he won millions of dollars, lost them the next day, but, because he played at higher limits than he could afford on a bankroll, he completely lost. The game of poker has a high variance, and a sufficient bankroll, you need in order not to lose everything, just because you are in a black streak. If the capital has decreased, you just need to move to a lower limit, and again accumulate money there with a game with weaker opponents.

The desire to self-learn is a great virtue. Playing poker is not just sitting behind a monitor, clapping your mouse and earning millions of dollars. This is a constant self-study. For those who devote most of the time to poker, the ideal is an 8 hour poker day. 5-6 hours of poker, 1 – 2 disassemble your played hands and 1 – 2 read poker forums or watch VOD. Those for whom poker has not yet become a profession, start with less (for example, 2.5-3 hours of play, 1-1.5 hours of analysis and training). Without self-improvement, without understanding your hands, after each game session, you can not play poker so well that you can not work. And since you are reading this article, it means exactly the desire to earn a game of poker, brought you here.

In addition, poker is a game that requires observation . You do not have to play poker, and watch parallel TV or read poker forums or some kind of fascinating book. You must be able to give yourself up entirely to the game. If you play in a poker club, you must watch all the movements of your opponents. For how they raise and put the cards, what they do after that, they look at their chips, on the opponents’ chips of the players who have already entered, or vice versa, the stacks of players sitting behind them view the gaze. How close are the players moving the cards to the line, or vice versa, neatly folding them in such a way that it will be inconvenient to take them for a reset. What becomes a person after viewing the cards or applications of opponents, how the view changes and much more. About how to play poker offline, dozens of books written and a lot translated. For those who are about to start playing live, we recommend reading Mike Caro’s “Sign Language in Poker” for reading .

Playing online poker means watching in a few other areas. You have to look at how quickly, in different situations, the same players are followed by applications, as rivals play different types of hands, what amounts of bets are made – to observe and systematize their knowledge. Of course, if we are talking about microlights, you can start winning without this important component of the player. But, with the growth of limits, your observation will become one of the most important factors for your victories or failures, so we would recommend from the very first day of poker to learn this art, the art of guessing the strength of the partners’ hand in its “movements.”

The qualities described above are the most important in order to start successfully playing poker . If you feel that one of them is not enough for you, you should develop it yourself, otherwise no one will bet a broken penny, that your poker career will succeed, and the game will bring you cash dividends. Our poker school will help you achieve success in poker – the most pleasant way to earn money and the most profitable way to have fun.

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