In poker, unlike many other card games, much depends not on luck, but on your actions and the actions of your opponents. It is very important to analyze the moves of your opponents, which in turn will show what type of players they are, and having already determined the type of opponent on the table, we can choose the right tactics for our further moves. There are 4 main types of players. We offer to carefully consider them in our next lesson in poker .

Players poker1. Aggressive – loose . These opponents prefer aggressively enough, using a very wide range of hands in poker , while they try to suppress the opponent with big bets. The advantage of this game is that, with the help of aggression, the player manages to pick up sweat and steal the blinds. Many players are afraid to enter into it with him, as often to win the pot, you’ll have to go to the showdown. Among this type of rivals there are completely inadequate players – “maniacs”, the aggressiveness of their game is very high, it’s just annoying everyone, but usually they lose a lot of money.

2. Loose-passive . Usually, this category of rivals include novices and weak players. They are not very good at starting hands and are trying to play only the best cards, thus often inferior to opponents blinds and a lot of small sweat. Even with excellent cards on hand, they are played weakly and passively, fearing every threat from the enemy. The strategy of their game is simple and easy to read and will be discussed in more detail in one of the following articles about poker .

3. Passively – tight . These players are well versed in starting combinations, often fold and rarely reach the flop. The game comes only with the strongest hands, if such a player reached showdown, then only because he is 100% sure of victory. In other cases, their style of play is limited to a pass, since they do not use a bluff and do not try to figure it out, they do not care about check-raising or play-off. Therefore, more experienced players will be successful enough to beat them.

4. Tightly aggressive . The most powerful and dangerous type of players. High self-discipline and excellent assessment of hands allow them to enter the game with good chances of winning. Having received excellent cards on hand, they play it aggressively, trying to squeeze the most out of their rivals. The strategy of their game is diverse and very often puts opponents at a dead end, they use a variety of techniques in order to confuse everyone at the table.

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